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'Episode 1 - Ask Me Anything' Women in Tech 

In this episode we had the pleasure of interviewing DAMANA MADDEN a female engineer and people leader who has worked for Amazon, USA. Thoughtworks and Microsoft to name a few.

In this chat she tells us about her experiences spanning the past 2 decades working in the tech industry and her thoughts on what can be done to set women up for success.  


Episode 2 - 'Ask Me Anything' Women in Tech 

In this episode we were joined by the inspirational ADEL SMEE an Engineering Manager, Thought Leader and Software Engineer and she shared with ust her thoughts on how to build an inclusive culture, how to encourage females into the industry and what advise she would give those embarking navigating their own career. 


Episode 3 - 'Ask Me Anything' Women in Tech 

We were joined by the lovely Tahnee Claeys, The Head of Operations & Customer Success at Pioneera. Pioneera is a female run start-up, their product combines AI and Psychology to identify the early signs of burnout in yourself and your teams. Tahnee does not have a technical background but has had a very successful career within the tech industry after changing her career 6 years ago. Hear how she broke into the industry and why it has kept her engaged and motivated for so long. 


Episode 4 - 'Ask Me Anything' Women in Tech 

We had the honour of interviewing the very successful THERESA NEATE, the Head of QA Engineering for Slalom Build. Theresa has had an inspiring career that hasn't always had a linear path, she has navigated two career changes which has led her to pursue a career in quality engineering. She is passionate about empowering women in the work place through equity and creating role models for others to follow.

Hear her thoughts and insights in this episode. 


Episode 5 - 'Ask Me Anything' Women in Tech 

In this episode we had the great pleasure of interviewing Aslam Gulbaz, she is a Principal Quality Engineer at Slalom Build. 

She explores all things tech life after a 2 year career break. How to keep yourself relevant in an ever changing and innovating world. The power of working with like minded individuals and how motivating that can be. Plus picking up on the red flags of a toxic and exclusive culture, despite the lip service the organisation plays about being inclusive.


Episode 6 - 'Ask Me Anything' Women in Tech 

In this episode, we had the opportunity to interview the lovely Rachel Coleman, Rachel is an AI Program Manager from SEEK Australia. We got to learn more about her journey into technology from being a musician and how she managed to land her first role with no corporate experience. 

Rachel is very passionate about all of the things that SEEK does in order to promote and foster a diverse and inclusive workplace. So tune in to hear some of their initiatives and Rachel's own personal experiences navigating this industry. 

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