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In this episode of 'Ask Me Anything', InTerface Agency had the opportunity to interview a female leader and engineer from the tech industry to get her thoughts, experiences and perspective on all things equality, inclusion and what it is really like to be a female in such a male led industry. 


With such a push to get more females into tech we wanted to hear from female technologists and people leaders to get their thoughts on how to make a more inclusive culture and encourage women into the industry. As well as their insights on how to navigate this industry that sometimes can throw barriers or obstacles along the way. 


All of the questions in this episode were sent in to us by our network, so thank you for participating and being a part of the conversation. 

In this episode we were joined by Pioneera's Head of Operations and Customer Success, Tahnee Claeys. 

Pioneera is a female run start-up. Their product blends AI and Psychology to identify & act on the early warning signs of stress. Tahnee does not have a technical background but she has had a very successful career in the tech industry, which she found after a career in chemical engineering. 

Tune in to hear her thoughts, insights and experiences.

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